Choosing to be ready for our next dog...

How do you resist such a face?  My husband, Bob, and I are talking about our next dog.  I don't know how we'll decide, but for me, I wish I could adopt all the dogs who need a home.  I follow our local animal shelter, The Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter and see the stories of dogs who were surrendered and wonder, how could some give up a part of their family.

For me, it would be liking giving up a limb.  I loved our boy Ace and still miss him every day.  There were things we did together like clock work and now the time passes and the activity seems so much emptier.  Simple, daily things, like filling the bird feeders.  He would always follow me down the hill to the feeders and look curious about what I was doing.  

Many days we would trek through the stand of trees down to the river behind the house.  Its funny how fond I am now of those memories but it used to drive me crazy that he would wander too far, get into dense thickets and look back at me to come rescue him.  Or worse, keep going and I'd end following him to keep him in view so he didn't get to the neighbor's yard and beyond.  My advice, treasure the daily stuff you do with your 4-legged friend, it seems ordinary now, but it might help you overcome the loss later.  

I know lots of people who lose dogs, now that we sell the memorial to honor them.  I hear stories of extraordinary efforts to save them or heartwarming stories of the day they brought the new pet home.  I find it makes me a little more ready to bring home our next pup.  

I'd love to know how you chose your fur-baby.  My two cats both just showed up and chose me.  As a family, we always seemed to have a stray show up and get added to the mix when I was growing up.  Both the dogs who inspired us to start the K9 Memorials business were carefully selected before I met my husband.  He did lots of research, checked into breeders, made phone calls to friends before choosing his Lab pups.  He chose well!  Ace and Goober were sweet, loyal, loving, friendly and typical Labs.  

I doubt we'll get another yellow lab this time, and will likely choose a rescue animal who needs us.  I'll keep you posted when we start the search.   


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