Pet Angels

So I had a call yesterday, it was a case of mistaken identity, but I'm glad I answered.  The person who called me had just heard from a friend that her dog died suddenly.  The pet had been ill, went to the vet, had medicine and was expected to be fine. 

The pet owner woke up to find her dog next to her in bed, but it had died in the night.  The mistaken identity was due to our business being lumped with pet cemeteries.  She wanted to help her friend and arrange for the Pet Angels to come and pick up the dog from her friend's house.  She thought I could help arrange it.  I was just walking into the office and could hear how upset she was.  The memory of my own phone call when our Lab, Ace, was rushed to the vet by our best friends who were watching him while we were out of town came rushing back.  He was in bad shape they said. 

If you've read about our K9 Memorials, you know we lost Ace this year.  It was such devastating news to hear our sweet boy wasn't coming home again.  No more running in the yard (and at 13 he hadn't done much of that lately), so no more cooling off in the shade under the big sycamore tree, he would never again rush to the door when I walked in.  We made it home and were with Ace when he passed onto the Rainbow Bridge. 

So in an instant of mistaken identity, I could empathize with the lady who woke to find her beloved companion gone.  I tried to comfort her friend, I offered my condolences, looked up the right phone number for the Pet Angels and hung up.  I'll never know who these ladies are, but hope they find comfort after their loss, till they see him again on the Rainbow Bridge. 

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