How we make your memorial...

First, lots of love for our two yellow labs brought us to this point.  After Goober died in 2001, we made a memorial for our own yard.  A year later we adopted Ace, he was the runt of his litter and the sweetest dog we ever had in our family.  Ace had a great life and died the summer of 2015 after a sudden onset of health issues.  So we took our grief and decided to offer a tribute to other beloved pets and created K9 Memorials as a way to relieve our sadness. 

If you are curious about the creation of your memorial, I hope this will help.  We create each memorial with attention to detail using the latest in CNC Machine technology.  Currently we cut the steel from a large sheet, using high density dxf. files on a water jet.  After they are cut, they are tumbled to smooth and polish the steel for a shiny finish. 

Next the silhouette of your dog is taken to our 50 Watt Laser Engraver and your order is uploaded from the website, so never worry, we won't misspell your best friend's name!  The engraver outlines the text 3 times so it stands out and will last a lifetime. 

As pet lovers, we know the sorrow you feel and truly desire to bring a little comfort to you and your family after the loss of your companion.  We hope you'll share your story with us and follow along at

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